Far Cry 6 Viva La Libertad Unique Weapon Yaran Contraband

The nation of Yara is filled with countless armaments for warfare, including unique weapons. The Viva La Libertad is one such example. Here’s our Far Cry 6 guide to help you get the Viva La Libertad unique rifle from a Yaran Contraband chest in Isla Santuario.

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Far Cry 6 Yaran Contraband guide: How to get the Viva La Libertad unique rifle in Isla Santuario

The Viva La Libertad unique rifle in Far Cry 6 is similar to The Autocrat and El General. These are likely to be the first few unique weapons that you’ll obtain early on in the campaign. That’s because they’re all found on Isla Santuario (i.e., tutorial island).

In the case of Viva La Libertad, you’ll visit the northern portion of Isla Santuario as part of an operation called “Libertad Rises.” There, you’ll see a lighthouse. Before you head up top, check the residence area next to it. The Yaran Contraband chest is here and it’ll net you the unique rifle.

Past this point, you’ll attack two ships that have blockaded the guerrilla forces. Completing this mission will lead Dani to Zamok Archipelago and open up the rest of the campaign. Don’t forget to watch the secret ending while you’re at it.

Far Cry 6 Viva La Libertad Unique Weapon Yaran Contraband 1

Here are the mods of the Viva La Libertad unique rifle in Far Cry 6:

  • Soft-Target Rounds – High damage versus unarmored targets; weak against armored targets.
  • Resolver Laser Pointer – Slightly improves bullet spread when firing from the hip.
  • Fast Reload – Improves reload speed.
  • Headshot Supremo – Headshot kills grant bonus Supremo energy.

Headshot Supremo is definitely the most useful mod here since it lets you use your Supremo ability more often. The problem is that the weapon also has Soft-Target Rounds. Sure, it’s not an issue early in the game when most soldiers are low-level peeps. But, halfway through the campaign, you’ll start encountering elites wearing helmets and full body armor. Because this gun’s rounds won’t pierce through helmets, you’ll hardly be able to make the most out of Headshot Supremo.

Far Cry 6 Viva La Libertad Unique Weapon Yaran Contraband 2

Far Cry 6 is available via Ubisoft’s store and the Epic Games Store.

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