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Forspoken All Photo Spot Locations Guide Photo Mode
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There are 50 Photo Spots in Forspoken. These points-of-interest dot the landscape of Athia, and you’re likely to encounter a lot of them as you explore various regions. From breathtaking views to tranquil areas, you’ll capture these moments and share them with a couple of kids in Cipal. Here’s our Forspoken Photo Spot locations guide to help with Photo Mode unlocks, the New Perspectives detour, and Happy Snapper achievement.

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Forspoken all Photo Spot locations guide – New Perspectives quest, Photo Mode unlocks, and Happy Snapper achievement

The Basics of Photo Spots and the New Perspectives detour

The New Perspectives sidequest is what leads you to look for Photo Spot locations in Forspoken. You’ll be approached by a couple of kids as you leave Cipal during Chapter 3, and they’ll ask you to capture wonderful scenery as you’re adventuring. Don’t worry, though, because this whole endeavor can be done even after beating the final boss. In fact, progressing further in the campaign is recommended, as this gives you access to other regions/zones, while also giving you new powers that help with movement and navigation.

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So, how exactly does the whole thing work? Well, first, once you’ve discovered a Photo Spot in Forspoken, you’ll want to press “F” to interact with it (no, you won’t use the Photo Mode via the menu). This will cause Frey to bring out her cellphone, whereupon you’ll use the arrow keys to move the screen. Once the target scenery is centered (i.e., yellow border), press the enter key to take a pic.

You’ll be taking a bunch of pictures to complete each step of the questchain, all while returning to the kids in Cipal to obtain rewards. These include new filters, frames, and functions for the game’s Photo Mode.

Junoon Photo Spots

Junoon is the first region you’ll visit in Forspoken, though enemies here tend to be tougher and some areas can’t be reached. As such, it’s better to return here much later in the campaign:

  • Cipallian Way #1 – Inside the castle proper.
  • Cipallian Way #2 – Southwest of Junoon Town near a Tanta’s Familiar statue.
  • Cipallian Way #3 – Along the northeast edge near the Sacred Peaks border.
  • Wolfwoods #1 – Fairly close to a Refuge.
  • Wolfwoods #2 – Directly south of that area.
  • Crosstide Coast – In the northern portion of the lake.
  • Nowhere – To reach Nowhere, you’d have to go through the Farcoast Terrace jumping puzzle/gauntlet. The Photo Spot here is just past the Refuge and, beyond that, is the Apsaravis Abomination boss fight.

Cipal Photo Spots

Cipal has three Forspoken Photo Spot locations, and they’re all in the Blessed Plains zone:

  • Blessed Plains #1 – Right next to a Refuge.
  • Blessed Plains #2 – Just beside the main road that leads south.
  • Blessed Plains #3 – In the southern edge of the zone along the Guardians’ Way border.
Forspoken All Photo Spot Locations Guide Photo Mode 2

Screenshot by PC Invasion: Blessed Plains

Praenost Photo Spots

The region of Praenost has a few more locations that you can check out:

  • Guardians’ Way #1 – At the crags in the northwest portion.
  • Guardians’ Way #2 – Fairly close to a monument and fort.
  • Dianthus Wood – Directly north of a ruined village.
  • Brass Hollow #1 – Between the Refuge and Belfry.
  • Brass Hollow #2 – South of the Refuge.
  • Middle Praenost – In the southern part of the zone next to some ruins.
  • The Citadel – In front of Fort Praenost.
  • Pioneers’ Plain #1 – In the central section of this zone right after you get past the castle gates.
  • Pioneers’ Plain #2 – On the northwestern ramparts of the town.
  • The Mustering Ground #1 – Just past the castle town before you reach a Belfry.
  • The Mustering Ground #2 – All the way to the western part of this zone.
  • Opal Hills – North of the Belfry and below the crags.
  • Field of the Fallen – Next to a Belfry.

Avoalet Photo Spots

These are so many Forspoken Photo Spot locations in Avoalet:

  • The Water Garden #1 – Along the riverbed in the northern part; close to a Refuge.
  • The Water Garden #2 – Follow the road leading west to Shepherd’s Meadow.
  • The Water Garden #3 – At the marshlands area next to a Fount of Blessing.
  • The Water Garden #4 – From the main road out of Blessed Plains and before the first bridge, you’ll see crags to the south.
  • The Water Garden #5 – On the small landmass in the middle of the southern lake.
  • The Water Garden #6 – Further south next to a Refuge.
  • Trout Mountain – Along the eastern cliffside. Technically, it’s somewhat part of Middle Praenost already.
  • Fountainfields – On the northern shore of the lake bordering the Water Garden.
  • The Untrodden Forest – Due west of the Refuge.
  • The Misty Shore #1 – The Ballow Tree in the topmost portion of the village.
  • The Misty Shore #2 – At the southern tip of the zone.
  • Samum Coast #1 – In the middle of the castle courtyard.
  • Samum Coast #2 – Further south of the previous location right beside the dam.
  • The Moulderings – Use Glide to cross the lake and head east to reach the Moulderings zone. The spot you’re looking for is all the way to the east.

Visoria Photo Spots

The region of Visoria has a lot of Forspoken Photo Spot locations that you can visit:

  • The Windy Hills – In the central fields.
  • Humble Plain – Next to a Refuge.
  • The Northern Corridor – This zone is reachable by following the cliffside path in northwest Humble Plain. Use Grapple to make it across, and you’ll eventually arrive at this location.
  • Visorian Plateau #1 – Near the ruins to the east.
  • Visorian Plateau #2 – At the top of a plateau in the central section.
  • Tanta’s Demesne #1 – Check the rooftops near the Refuge in the village.
  • Tanta’s Demesne #2 – Follow the tunnels in the northern sides of this zone to arrive at this spot.
  • Tanta’s Demesne #3 – From the main courtyard, take the southern exit to get to the town’s outskirts. Check the fields to the southeast.
  • Homestead Hills – While at the vast fields of Tanta’s Demesne, keep going to the southeast. You’ll see this along the crags bordering Homestead Hills.
  • South Plateau – From the Homestead Hills Belfry, follow the cliffside path by using your grapple move. Eventually, you’ll come across the South Plateau zone.
  • Academy Hills – Continue along the southeastern part of Tanta’s Demesne until you reach the cliffs bordering Academy Hills.
  • Inner Visoria #1 – Loop around the Belfry to the south until you reach a clearing. This area is close to a Flashback Challenge, Tanta’s Familiar, and the Secret Vendor.
  • Inner Visoria #2 – Head to the southeastern edge of the zone almost at the Golden Hills border.

Again, make sure you return to the children in Cipal whenever you’re prompted. Once you’ve taken a pic in all Photo Spot locations in Forspoken, you’ll complete the New Perspectives sidequest and obtain the Happy Snapper achievement.

Forspoken is available via Steam.

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