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Genshin Impact: Childe/Tartaglia summary

There’s no doubt about it, Childe/Tartaglia is one of the most impressive characters in Genshin Impact‘s roster.


With Childe/Tartaglia, you’ll see massive damage and lots of crits, making even the toughest fights a breeze. Use support-type characters such as Venti and Bennett to set up your enemies and DPS rotation. Then, try to pop another ability such as Xiangling’s or Fischl’s before you proc elemental reactions from Childe.

Likewise, you could get Qiqi to use her healing skill, allowing Childe’s Hydro attacks to freeze enemies. This is actually my go-to duo for some Spiral Abyss floors since freezing enemies tends to be very easy, and I can use someone like Ganyu for another team.

The idea is to do a quick prep for your melee stance’s vicious hits (“E”) prior to blasting everyone with your burst (“Q”). Just try not to stay in melee stance for too long or the elemental skill will incur a lengthy cooldown as well. Press “E” once more (10-15 seconds after activating melee stance) so that the cooldown is more manageable.

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