Inscryption Act 3 boss guide: Photographer and Archivist uberbots

Inscryption Act 3 Boss Guide Photographer Boss Archivist Boss File

You’ll progress normally as you learn the mechanics in the Botopia zone of Inscryption. Soon, you’ll be going up against bosses known as uberbots. Here’s our Inscryption Act 3 boss guide to help you beat the Photographer and Archivist.

Note: For more information, check out our Inscryption guides and features hub. Likewise, please be reminded that this guide contains spoilers.


Inscryption Act 3 boss guide – How to beat the Photographer and Archivist uberbots

After a few fights, you’ll eventually stumble upon the second checkpoint in Botopia. This is also when P03 tells you to find a battery, unshackling you and letting you solve puzzles in the factory. This checkpoint is also important for two other reasons:

Inscry A3 Bsgd Phtarch 1

Inscryption Act 3 boss – The Photographer

  • Boss mechanic – The Photographer asks you to take photos when it’s your turn. I haven’t really seen any major changes to the battle if you’re taking photos.
  • Phase 1 – The Photographer will plop down five Shutterbug cards. Make sure you block at least one with your Empty Vessel or you’re dead. I opted to use the Mrs. Bomb Remote item here to spawn numerous Explode Bots.
  • Phase 2 – It’ll spawn a couple of Grizz cards. If you still have the Explode Bots, they can take out the new hostiles. Add a few more cards to your hand so you can push your DPS.

Inscryption Act 3 Boss Guide Photographer Boss Archivist Boss File 1

Inscryption Act 3 boss – The Archivist

  • Mini-dungeon tip #1 – There’s a locked doorway that leads to the Bone Lord.
  • Mini-dungeon tip #2 – Click on the well’s lever to get the quill. Talk to the two minions with the parchment so they can let you pass.
  • Boss mechanic – The Archivist will ask you to give it access to your files. Each turn, it’ll ask you to select a file from your folders.
  • Phase 1 – The Archivist will ask for huge file sizes (i.e., 200 MB or more). It’ll also play Librarian cards that you need to block/take out.
  • Phase 2 – The Archivist will ask for a file that’s fairly old (before 2020). Unfortunately, I had my PC upgraded in November 2020, so it took me a while to find an older file. This will get turned into a card, and you’re even told that this file will be deleted if the card is destroyed. I doubt that’d actually happen (imagine the anger that would cause).

Note: The first Act 3 boss that you defeat in Inscryption causes the western bridge to get repaired. I suggest taking out both of these uberbots so your Empty Vessels can be upgraded with additional sigils. When you’re done with these two, it’s time to fight the Painter and Golly.

Inscryption Act 3 Boss Guide Photographer Boss Archivist Boss File 2

Inscryption is available on Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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