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Marvel’s Midnight Suns has a dozen characters that can join your squad. Each one plays a specific role that can aid you in your efforts to battle Lilith’s minions and Hydra. Here’s our Marvel’s Midnight Suns best heroes guide to help you choose the right characters for particular team roles.

Note: For more information, check out our Marvel’s Midnight Suns guides and features hub.


Marvel’s Midnight Suns best heroes guide – Which hero is right for you

When discussing the best heroes in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, we’ll have to consider the key functions they’ll have in your squad. Since you can only have three characters in your team, you’ll need to check which ones are effective. These team roles are:

  • Tank – Taunts enemies and soaks up a lot of damage.
  • DPS – Pure damage dealers that can rip apart foes.
  • Support – Specializing in buffs and utility actions.
  • Technical – A mix of the above, with some additional complexities thrown in.

Note 1: To be clear, some heroes can be considered hybrids, too, if they fulfill multiple functions.

Note 2: The Hunter can excel in any role due to their unique mechanics. You’ve got unlockable passives and a multitude of cards, including three legendaries. Because of this, you’ve got more of a flex slot, adapting to what the team needs, as opposed to having a team built with you in mind. You can check our Hunter build guide if you need more info.

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Tank characters

  • Captain Marvel – Captain Marvel is available fairly early in the campaign. Her Binary mechanic requires her to play three of her own cards, whereupon she can turn into a “Super Saiyan” with buffed damage. She gains extra block while in Binary mode, and her taunt ability, Bring It On, happens to be a top-tier choice.
  • Captain America – Captain America will join up a few missions down the line. Like Captain Marvel, he also taunts enemies while increasing his block value. The key difference is that he has some additional support/buffing actions.
  • Wolverine – Wolverine is a bit odd in that he’s definitely a tank (i.e., he has taunt skills), but he doesn’t bother blocking. Instead, he relies more on Berserk (i.e., lifesteal) and Rapid Healing (i.e., HP restoration/debuff removal) just to survive.
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DPS characters

  • Ghost Rider – Ghost Rider has high damage potential thanks to abilities like Hell Ride, Judgment, and Hell’s Fury. In fact, his Souls Collector mechanic requires him to kill enemies often to gain an HP increase. The only downside is that some of his own skills also deplete his HP.
  • Hulk – It’s the Hulk, so you know he likes to smash! Hulk uses Rage build-up when he takes damage, losing it when he uses his own abilities. He has some of the most powerful attacks in the game, to the point that it becomes ridiculous. The only drawback is that he only joins your team near the end of the campaign.
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Support characters

  • Doctor Strange – Doctor Strange is arguably the best hero in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, at least from a support/utility standpoint. His passive has a chance to give you extra Heroism, and his own spells are enhanced depending on how much Heroism you have. What makes him shine, though, are Agamotto’s Gaze and Blessing of the Vishanti. The former redraws your last two Attack Cards, allowing for more setups. The latter, meanwhile, grants bonus damage to all cards in your hand (with the upgraded version lasting for the entirety of the mission).
  • Nico Minoru – While Nico is also a support character like Doctor Strange, she can be a little annoying to use due to RNG. Her spells have the Roulette mechanic, where their effect is only set once their drawn. As such, you could get some awesome stuff if you’re lucky, or you could receive some effects that aren’t that helpful.
  • Scarlet Witch – Scarlet Witch has unbelievably high DPS potential since she specializes in AoE spells. The main reasons why I consider her a support character are that (a) some of her spells either cause debuffs/buffs or have enemies attacking each other, and (b) a majority of her abilities are dependent on Unleashed, which increases the AoE field.
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Technical characters

  • Iron Man – Iron Man is probably one of the best heroes in Marvel’s Midnight Suns in terms of DPS output and utility. Still, he tends to be a technical character due to his redraw and Surgical Strike mechanics. Basically, several of his attacks can be redrawn for extra effects. This can mean getting a decent perk, or wasting a redraw when you’d much rather get a different card. As for Surgical Strike, you can do as many hits as possible depending on the number of Iron Man cards in your hand. He’s also got decent skills like Mark Target and Heads Up.
  • Magik – Magik might be the most fun character to use in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. The reason for this is her Portal mechanic. When Magik creates portals, she can align and have them face a particular direction. Then, any enemy she knocks back will go through it and get pushed to said direction. This gives you a lot of options for multi-kill setups, and her Gather ability is likely the most crucial AoE in the game.
  • Blade – Blade isn’t going to nuke entire hostile squads into oblivion. Instead, he depends primarily on the Bleed mechanic. The idea here is to spread the debuff by way of attacks or skills, whereupon enemies would take damage after their turn.
  • Spider-Man – Spider-Man’s role is to maximize the use of the environment to put the hurt on your foes. Skills like Opportunist improve environment attacks, while Chain Strike lets him hit several mobs as long as they can be KO’d. Sadly, he won’t be as effective in battles where there are very few objects that can be used/interacted with.
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Marvel’s Midnight Suns is available via Steam.

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