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Turns out this later-in-the-week PC Invasion podcast thing might be catching on. Unless we go back to earlier in the week for Episode 16. Which we might.

The latest podcast can be streamed or downloaded below. There’s a summary of the episode beyond this widget thing. Older podcasts can be dug up and dusted off from our archives.


This week, neither Tim or myself saw the BBC drama about Grand Theft Auto starring Harry Potter, but that somehow didn’t stop us talking about it for a bit. Rockstar didn’t enjoy it much, that’s for sure.

We have both seen some police procedural dramas though, so this is now a PC podcast where True Detective gets mentioned.

After that … Dark Souls! No, really. Dark Souls 3 is going to be out in April. Hopefully on the PC, as well as other formats.

In other actual game news, Konami appear to keep backing away slowly from making actual videogames (other than PES, which this year is a bit crap on PC), and Tales of Zestiria has some mixed port news to share.

And in not-actual-news, CD Projekt Red don’t seem to be getting bought by EA after all. What a tremendous surprise.

Besides playing PES 2016, we’ve (variously) been spying on boarding school girls in Black Closet (it’s for a good cause), rewinding time in the first episode of Life is Strange, and … doing a lot of bizarre things in Undertale.

Konami abandon AAA game production, reports suggest

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