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Happy 2016, everyone! At least, hopefully it’ll be happy. It’s only about five days old at this point. So many possibilities. So many chances for things to go horribly wrong.

Speaking of things going horribly wrong intriguing possibilities, here’s the first PC Invasion Podcast of the year. Steam or download it below. You can also hunt for the ancient podcasts of 2015 in our archives.


This week, we do our best to get mileage out of the Christmas/New Year news cycle. That means giving Steam another pair of slapped wrists for their impressively snail-like response to users’ personal info being accidentally distributed for a short period over Christmas. When will they learn, eh?

It’s then time to play “guess how much the Oculus Rift will cost on Wednesday“, and an appreciative nod to the company giving initial Kickstarter backers a courtesy headset.

After that, we turn to rumours about Asssassin’s Creed taking a year off and potentially popping over to Egypt in 2017. Plus, Watch Dogs 2 this year, set in San Francisco? Maybe. Maybe.

There’s a little bit of grumbling about Windows 10 exclusive titles, an admission that none of us really know what ReCore is all about, and then a discussion of what the podcast has been playing over Christmas. The Witcher 3, mostly, it seems. Shirtless Geralt is too hard to resist, no matter what the year.

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