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Grandma's Ship Starfield
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Throughout Starfield, you will often encounter many ships in space, each giving you a different experience. Many of these ships might be hostile, but many can be beneficial and fun to visit. While cruising through the space, you will find one such ship called Grandma’s Ship.  Starfield’s bittersweet experiences might make you have a tough time trusting random people you encounter in the space. However, we cannot blame you for that, as we also were a bit skeptical when we were approached by Grandma’s ship. In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about Grandma’s ship in Starfield.

Starfield: Is Grandma’s ship safe to visit

Inside Grandma's Ship Starfield

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There is no specific place to find Grandma’s ship in Starfield. You will be approached randomly by the ship at any random location in the space. After approaching you, Grandma will invite you to come to her ship for some free food. She would further insist you visit her ship, making her look sketchy at first. After all, this space is not safe at all for travelers. However, Grandma’s ship is absolutely safe to visit, and it would be a great loss if you choose not to visit her ship.

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After meeting Grandma on her ship, she will tell you that she is a solo traveler who roams around the space after getting retired. She offers people free food as she knows how hard it is to eat alone in the space. She also reveals that she once had a better half, who has passed away. However, after the brief conversation with Grandma ends, she will give you access to a vast loot of food, items, and materials. Spread all over her ship, you will find a lot of loot to collect.

Grandma’s ship in Starfield is a great source of collecting food. The whole ship is stored with home-cooked food items, which will help you replenish more health than the packaged food items you would get. It will also provide useful items like a Storage Box, Thermos, and many more. Moreover, you will also get a lot of credits in the Cargo Hold at the cockpit on the upper deck of the ship.

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