The Free-to-Play format is the future of games says Candy Crush creator

Candy Crush is played by millions of people around the world and yet the game has often been criticized for its microtransactions which many claim make it a not so free to play game.

In an interview with IGN, King Games Guru (that’s the actual job title) Tommy Palm explained that he believes the free-to-play is a good one and that more developers should explore it. He said: “The micro-transaction is so strong and it’s definitely a much better model. I think all companies have to transition over to that. If you talk to many hardcore gamers, they’re not happy about it right now, but if you asked them about the long term, “Do you want to continue playing your favourite game for years to come?’ And the answer will be yes.”

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Bethesda defends the Elder Scrolls Online subscription fee

When Bethesda first announced an Elder Scrolls MMO for PC, Xbox One and PS4, they certainly got our attention. However they did turn off some gamers when they revealed the information that players would have to pay a monthly fee of $15 dollars a month on top of the original price for the game. Sure, some MMO’s are worth a subscription fee but it tends to only be the big ones like World of Warcraft who are able to make it worth your hard earned cash.

Nonetheless, Bethesda have stood by their decision saying that the monthly fees will allow regular additions of “significant” content. Whilst speaking to Gamestop, vice president of PR Pete Hines said: “We feel pretty strongly about the support we’re going to have for the game and what you’re going to get for those dollars,” he added: “We’re also very confident in our ability to support it with content.”

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Peter Molyneux Wants To Reinvent Free-To-Play

Peter Molyneux, known by many gamers as the man behind hit games like Fable and Black and White, has revealed that he aims to change the style of free-to-play gaming with his upcoming game, Godus.

In an interview with PocketGamer he said: “What we need is a new term, – And that term is more like ‘invest-to-play’. What really are we doing? We are tempting people to invest some of their money into a game.”

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