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Payday 2 reveals free John Wick tie-in DLC

Somehow I missed the fact that there’s a new Keanu Reeves film where he plays a professional hitman, but Payday 2 is well on top of it. Overkill has announced some kind of tie-in partnership…

By: Peter Parrish

Payday: The Heist can be procured for free today

Ladies and gentlemen, you have 24 hours to pull off one of the most straightforward Payday heists in history. The location is a familiar one; Steam. You may know it as a massive distribution warehouse owned…

By: Peter Parrish

Payday 2 devs Overkill are doing a Walking Dead game

Overkill and Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman have announced a co-op FPS title, due in 2016. It’ll be based in the Walking Dead universe and will, according to this Overkill-penned FAQ, include “elements of action,…

By: Peter Parrish

IncGamers Plays Payday 2

Creepy masks, police brutality and abusing innocent hostages are all in a day’s work here at IncGamers. Coincidentally though, it’s also what you get to do in Overkill’s forthcoming Payday 2. Join the most fantastic…

By: Peter Parrish