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The Secret World player activity increases 400%

The latest financial information from Funcom reveals some interesting facts about The Secret World now that the MMO’s subscriptions have been removed. On the past few weeks Funcom has shifted a further 70,000 units which they…

By: Paul Younger

Why I Love The Secret World

I’ve had this article bubbling away in my brain for months now, and I still can’t think of where to begin. Now appears to be the right time to write it, with The Secret World…

By: Tim McDonald

The Secret World Issue #4 is now live

The Secret World Issue #4 is now live

Funcom has launched the next content update for The Secret World, Big Trouble in the Big Apple, which brings a whole host of new features and content to the MMORPG. In this update the PvP…

By: Paul Younger

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