The Devil in Me: How to unlock all achievements and trophies

The Devil In Me Achievements Trophies Guide
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The Devil in Me has numerous achievements that you can obtain. Some would require additional replays, so you probably want to create backup saves or ready yourself for the long haul. Here’s our The Devil in Me guide to help you unlock all achievements and trophies in the game.

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Note: For more information, check out our The Devil in Me guides and features hub. Likewise, please be reminded that this guide contains spoilers.


The Devil in Me achievements and trophies guide

Campaign run and endings achievements

  • Until Death Do Us Part 2 – Jeff and Marie watched each other die.
    • During the prologue, have Marie choose the bath soap. Then, while taking a bath, investigate the noise. Pass all the QTEs here and Marie will crawl to the window. She’ll bleed to death, while Jeff watches as he slowly succumbs to poison gas.
  • Murder Castle – Complete the prologue.
  • Hope You Enjoyed Your Stay – Complete the single-player story.
  • Happy Ending – Complete the campaign with all main characters alive.
  • Happier Ending – The dog survived.
  • Unhappy Ending – No one survived.
  • The Cycle Continues – As Mark, agree to Du’Met’s plan.
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Secrets, collectibles, and premonitions achievements

  • Photogenic and Camera Shy – Obtain all white-framed pictures; obtain all black-framed pictures.
    • These are enumerated in our Premonitions guide.  There’s also a 13th Premonition which gives a glimpse at the next game in the series, though it’s not required for either achievement in The Devil in Me.
  • Collector – Found all 50 secrets.
  • Investigator – Found the silver-framed secrets.
  • I Like Money – Amass 200 Obols.
    • You do not need to find all the coins in one run.
    • You can replay chapters to obtain the same coins over and over. In our Obol farming guide, we outline two methods that can save you a lot of time.
  • Man of Many Interests – Obtain all five of Du’Met’s Business Cards.
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Death scenes and trap-related achievements

  • Ignited – Choose to save Erin in the Suffocation Room.
    • This occurs during the Breathless chapter. As noted in our Suffocation Room guide, this is the only way to keep Erin alive. Kate won’t die since Mark will rescue her.
  • Phoenix – Charlie must survive the furnace trap.
    • In the Ignition chapter, choose to lift the grate twice as Charlie. Don’t force open the door or he’ll burn to death.
  • Shattering Expectations and Extinguished – Kate and Jamie escaped the Glass Trap; Jamie sacrificed herself in the Glass Trap.
    • This occurs during the Director’s Suite chapter. All the steps and outcomes are discussed in our Glass Trap guide. Do take note that whoever has the screwdriver will survive if the glass is pushed toward their direction.
  • Guilty – The group must not trust Charlie, leading to his demise.
    • There are multiple requirements, eventually culminating in a fateful choice during the Lighthouse chapter. You can read all the steps in our Guilty achievement guide.
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Character-specific achievements

  • Sparks – Have Jamie and Erin kiss.
    • During the Guests chapter, pick the following responses as Jamie: playful -> familiar -> concerned -> flirtatious.
    • When prompted, choose to move in for the kiss.
  • Toasty – Charlie must keep his cool during the dinner.
    • During the Dinner chapter, choose the following responses as Charlie: reassuring -> playful -> authoritative.
  • Lend Me a Hand? – Charlie’s hand must get crushed.
    • There’s a wall trap in the aptly-titled Wall chapter. When it’s Charlie’s turn for a QTE, make sure you fail it.
  • Can You Pet the Dog? – Pet Connie the dog.
    • This is discussed in our save the dog guide. Do take note that Charlie has to die earlier in the game if you’re playing the Theatrical Cut solo.
  • Hark! – Have Mark get the lighthouse to work again.
    • In the Lighthouse chapter, go to the top of the building. Shimmy across the gap, pull the lever, and press the button to make the beam work again. This is almost guaranteed since it’ll lead to the finale anyway.
  • Award Worthy – Kate fell for Du’Met’s impersonation.
    • You need to make specific decisions throughout the campaign to reach this point, essentially killing off all other characters except for Kate and Mark.
    • In the Lighthouse chapter, Kate has to check on Mark’s body. She’ll realize that it’s just Du’Met playing possum.
    • This leads to the Ultimatum alternate finale.
  • Rekindled – Have Kate and Mark rekindle their romance.
    • During the Ultimatum alternate finale, you can reject Du’Met’s proposal. Kate will then admit that she still loves Mark. Unfortunately, this does not unlock this achievement in The Devil in Me.
    • I did, however, choose almost all the positive/flirtatious responses whenever Mark and Kate have a scene together, and both of them survived my playthrough after the Lake finale. Still, this did not unlock the achievement.
    • The only negative modifier was when Mark suggested that Kate might turn out like Charlie. That’s the only factor I can think of as to why I haven’t gotten the achievement yet, though perhaps there’s another tidbit that I’m missing.
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Tool/gadget-related achievements

  • 0451 and Shocking – Reset the fusebox as Jamie; fix all the fuseboxes.
  • Handy – Obtain all inventory items/tools.
  • Say Cheese – Take a photo of all crew members/main characters.
  • Crime Scene Photographer – Find all of Mark’s photo opportunities.
    • When using Mark’s camera tool, the reticle will change to green if you’re viewing an interesting object (i.e., mannequins, bloody corpses, and so on). Mark will also comment or mutter to himself. We list these down in our Crime Scene Photographer achievement guide.
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The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me is available via Steam.

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