Genshin Impact: Inazuma reputation guide — Bounties and rewards

Genshin Impact Inazuma Reputation Guide Bounties Rewards How To Increase Inazuma Reputation

The massive region of Inazuma presents many new adventures for the Traveler and Paimon. Naturally, you’ll unlock new stuff the further you progress. You’ll also want to take a look at your reputation, as this provides you with additional gadgets, items, and blueprints. Here’s our Genshin Impact Inazuma reputation guide to help you with the bounties, requests, and rewards.

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Genshin Impact Inazuma reputation guide — Bounties, requests, experience, and rewards

Compared to Mondstadt and Liyue, the NPC handling your Inazuma reputation won’t be found in the capital city. Instead, this fella, Madarame Hyakubei, is in Kamisato Estate at the northeastern section of Narukami Island.

Talk to the NPC and you’ll see four features that denote your progress and means of acquiring more Inazuma reputation in Genshin Impact:

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  • Requests – Each week, you can only complete three requests across all regions in Genshin Impact. Simply pick up a request here, track it via your quest tab, and finish the objective therein. You’ll usually need to bring specific materials or defeat a particular mob.
  • Bounties – Finally, you’ve got your list of bounties. The three that are shown will provide 60/80/100 reputation, though clearing a challenge will make a new one available. Similar to requests, you may only do three bounties across all regions per week. I would suggest choosing the challenge that awards 100 reputation to speed up your progress.

Note: Requests and bounties can only be unlocked once your Inazuma reputation reaches level 2. Because of this, you’ll first need to amass enough rep/exp from world exploration and quests.

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Bounty targets, especially the higher-level foes, tend to have a few perks. For instance, they might be invulnerable to a certain element, but they also have a weakness (i.e., increased damage from plunging attacks or a longer stun duration).

Additionally, targets have an extra modifier. Examples include being able to blast nearby characters with an AoE strike, summoning attendants that can buff it, or an instant heal mechanic that can occur once during the encounter.

Genshin Impact Inazuma Reputation Guide Bounties Rewards How To Increase Inazuma Reputation 1a

After claiming a bounty, simply head to the marked location. The good news here is that you no longer need to spam your elemental sight just to look for clues. Instead, your target is already visible from the get-go, allowing you to battle it quickly.

Note: Don’t forget to take a look at your Gnostic Hymn Battle Pass when you’re done with your three requests/bounties each week. You can claim Battle Pass exp to level it up.

Genshin Impact Inazuma Reputation Guide Bounties Rewards How To Increase Inazuma Reputation 1b

As for rewards, you’ve got the following:

Rank Rewards
1 Recipe: Konda Cuisine
2 Furnishing Blueprint: Pines Awaiting the Twilight and Stone Lantern – Fodoumyou’s Light
Feature: Inazuma Mining Outcrop Search
Unlock: Inazuma Requests and Bounties
3 Quest Item: Naku Weed Seeds – Unlocks “The Art of Horticulture” sidequest
4 Namecard: Inazuma – Kamisato Crest
Recipe: Rice Cake Soup
Feature: Inazuma Merchant Discounts
5 Gadget: Red Feather Fan – +30% movement while gliding; lasts 30 seconds
6 Furnishing Blueprint: Long Yumemiru Table and Tea Wisp-Clouded White Couch
7 Namecard: Inazuma – Raiden Emblem
Recipe: Butter Crab
8 Crafting Blueprint: Electroculus Resonance Stone – Allows you to locate nearby Electroculi in Inazuma.
9 Forging Blueprint: Electro Treasure Compass – Allows you to locate nearby treasure chests in Inazuma.
10 Glider: Wings of the Stormtstrider

Genshin Impact Inazuma Reputation Guide Bounties Rewards How To Increase Inazuma Reputation 2

Genshin Impact is available via its official website. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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