Genshin Impact: Thunder Manifestation and Storm Beads guide

Genshin Impact Thunder Manifestation Storm Beads Guide

The Seirai Stormchasers quest in Genshin Impact has you meeting a talking cat and solving a few puzzles. Eventually, you’ll be able to stop the thunderstorms in the region itself. However, there’s one final hurdle. Here’s our Genshin Impact guide to help you with the Thunder Manifestation boss and the Storm Beads material, an item used by both the Raiden Shogun and Kujou Sara.

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Genshin Impact: Thunder Manifestation and Storm Beads guide

Go to the center of the arena to make the Thunder Manifestation spawn. Think of this entity as akin to the Oceanid, except that it’s Electro-based and has a more erratic attack pattern.

Here are some of its abilities:

  • High-Voltage Explosion – This is usually cast when the encounter has just started. The Thunder Manifestation tosses several purple crystals on the ground. Then, it’ll cause those sections to explode with AoE Electro damage.
  • Cyclone Slash – Winds up and does a whirling slash toward you (slightly similar to the Cryo Hypostasis).
  • Electro Daggers – Spreads its wings and throws several sharp projectiles.
  • Electrified Wall – Summons two walls that close in on you. You can dash through these to avoid damage (thank those iFrames).
  • Shocking Dash – A purple outline appears on the ground denoting where the boss will dash through. It will do this attack twice in quick succession.
  • Pinpointed Lightning Strikes – By far the Thunder Manifestation’s most dangerous ability. It will summon a circular outline where lightning will strike. Then, it’ll follow you around for several seconds.

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To be fair, the Thunder Manifestation is a pushover if you came prepared. I also found that this fight can be finished a lot quicker than, say, the multi-phase Oceanid encounter.

Anyway, I mostly used Ganyu here. The boss moves around a lot, and it can be hard to chase when you’re relying on a melee character. Moreover, if you run out of stamina while running after it, you might not be able to avoid the Pinpointed Lightning Strikes. As such, Ganyu carried the day for me thanks to her charged shot blooms. Since our opponent is Electro-based, her shots caused the Superconduct effect, too.

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After killing the Thunder Manifestation, you can use 40x original resin to receive Storm Beads and Vajrada Amethyst. Both these materials are used by the Raiden Shogun and Kujou Sara for their ascension. You’re going to need a lot of these if you want to boost the new characters, so try to farm whenever you can.

Oh, and before I forget, if this is your first time fighting the Thunder Manifestation, then it’s likely that you’re doing this as part of the Seirai Stormchasers quest. Head over to the next part of our guide so we can conclude this chapter.

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