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Is GODUS now doomed? What Molyneux really thinks

Backers aren’t exactly happy with 22Cans’ handling of GODUS so Molyneux steps up and addresses the community (parody video included). For full disclosure purposes I am a backer of GODUS from Kickstarter (I know, I…

By: Paul Younger

Godus Preview

Godus is a game that pretty much everyone of a certain age will have been watching. On the one hand: oh dear, it’s Peter Molyneux and his trail of broken dreams. On the other hand:…

By: Tim McDonald

GODUS beta test launches 13 September

22Cans have been busy testing their crowd funded GODUS for quite a few months and news from the studio today is that a date has been set for the beta test to begin. The game…

By: Paul Younger

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