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Magicka: Wizard Wars explodes into open beta

Magicka: Wizard Wars has cast a spell of Open Beta, meaning anyone can hop into the 4v4 spellcaster for free. Magicka: Wizard Wars takes the spellcasting system of Magicka, which lets you combine elements together…

By: Tim McDonald

Magicka: Wizard Wars shuffling towards open beta

Like a wizard who’s just accidentally teamkilled a friend with a meteor, Magicka: Wizard Wars is shuffling innocently towards open beta. Paradox’s free-to-play team-based wizard combat game will be hitting open beta on 27 May,…

By: Tim McDonald

Magicka: Wizard Wars report from Paradox Con

IncGamers has spent the last few days in Miami at Paradox Con finding out about the upcoming games from Paradox Interactive. Magicka: Wizard Wars was on show and it’s about to get a new game…

By: Tom Spillar

Magicka: Wizard Wars Preview

I died, obviously. Magicka was a game all about killing yourself and your friends, usually by accident or unthinking stupidity, and putting a slightly reworked version of the detailed casting system into a competitive multiplayer…

By: Tim McDonald