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Destiny 2‘s brand new season is here. Known as the Season of Dawn, this continuation of your Destiny 2 journey will have you taking control of time. Osiris will help you out, and you’ll need to do tasks such as activating Obelisks and completing the Sundial activity. Likewise, you can do “An Impossible Task” to save the legendary Saint-14. The Dawning returns for some holiday cheer, there are new ritual weapons to acquire, a progression and mods system via the Lantern of Osiris, and a few more exotic quests down the line. Our Destiny 2: Season of Dawn guides and features hub will compile all the info you need to complete these activities.

There are events and updates that will be available to everyone with Destiny 2‘s free-to-play versions. However, other content will require you to purchase Season of Dawn or the season pass. Check out the calendar of content drops below:

Destiny 2 Season Of Dawn content drop calendar

Destiny 2: Season of Dawn guides and features hub

Destiny 2: Season of Dawn review – Our official review of Destiny 2‘s Season of Dawn tells you how it stacks up compared to all the previous expansions and DLC.

Ritual Weapons – There are new ritual weapons to obtain from Vanguard strikes, Crucible, and Gambit.

The Sundial guide – The main activity throughout Destiny 2: Season of Dawn is the Sundial. A team of up to six players will need to defeat enemies and bosses in different timelines of Mercury.

The Perfect Paradox shotgun – Before you can change the timeline to save Saint-14, you can obtain his own weapon as part of the quest chain.

An Impossible Task, the Corridors of Time, and saving Saint-14 – The legendary Titan Saint-14 makes his return in Season of Dawn. Osiris will ask you to save him by navigating through the Corridors of Time.

Saint-14 is back in the Tower – Saint-14 makes his return. You’ll find him in the Tower and he’s got a few bounties for you to complete.

Obelisks guide – There are several obelisks scattered across the system. Activating these and leveling them up will provide you with bounties and rewards.

The Tower Obelisk – One more Obelisk is available for you to unlock now that Saint-14 has returned.

The Dawning 2019 guide – Eva Levante returns in the Tower for this year’s Dawning holiday event.

The Alpine Dash sparrow – The sparrow is exclusive to this year’s Dawning event.

Iron Banner – The Iron Banner PvP event returns in the Season of Dawn.

Destiny 2‘s biggest mistakes in 2019 – This feature looks back at the ups and downs of Destiny 2, including some changes that missed the mark.

Legend Sundial – A slightly tougher version of the regular Sundial activity that lets you obtain pinnacle rewards.

Devil’s Run exotic quest – This exotic sidearm has a nifty function that lets it fire a charged laser akin to a fusion rifle.

Bastion exotic quest – The Bastion is the reward if you went through the slog that was the Corridors of Time puzzle. However, if you didn’t bother with that, you can still pick it up from Saint-14.

Empyrean Foundation – The community-wide event has you donating Polarized Fractalines for some rewards.

Inotam, Oblivion’s Triune – This new Sundial boss isn’t a pushover, and it’s quite a fun encounter as well.

Crimson Days guide – Find a partner or start matchmaking to make the most out of Destiny 2‘s Valentine’s Day event.

Destiny 2: Season of Dawn is available on Steam if you purchase the Shadowkeep expansion. Likewise, you can buy the current season pass in-game using 1,000 silver.

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