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The battles in Marvel’s Midnight Suns pit your squad of three superheroes against dozens of hostiles. Naturally, you’ll want to make the most out of your abilities, ensuring that you can eliminate your foes in a short span of time. Here’s our Marvel’s Midnight Suns best team comps guide to help you with the ideal squads and characters for most missions.

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Marvel’s Midnight Suns best team comps guide

The best team comps in Marvel’s Midnight Suns tend to be those that have characters that can fulfill all necessary roles (i.e., one tank, one DPS, and one support). Still, there are some intricacies involved, such as being able to redraw cards, replenish Card Plays, and lower the Heroism cost. As such, we have to put the spotlight on two characters:

  • The Hunter – As the player character, the Hunter tends to be extremely adaptable. You’ve got an assortment of cards, more than double that of other heroes. You can either focus primarily on DPS, a bunch of support actions, or a mix of both. Still, we’re going to look at two abilities: Call to Arms and Inspire. The former doubles all Heroism gains for one turn, and the latter removes the cost of a random Heroic card. With these, you can cast devastating powers a lot sooner, or free up the resource for other actions (i.e., environment attacks).
  • Doctor Strange – Doctor Spooky has the invaluable Agamotto’s Gaze. It draws the last two Attack Cards that you played, allowing you to continue your setups even further. For instance, cards with Quick, Chain, and “effect on KO” traits can be used once more. Likewise, Blessing of the Vishanti increases the bonus DPS of all cards in your hand for the rest of the mission.

Either the Hunter or Doctor Strange works well with most heroes thanks to their capabilities. You could even bring both of them, which would be a little overkill.

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Ghost Rider Feeder

One of the best team comps in Marvel’s Midnight Suns is also fairly straightforward. You just need Ghost Rider and a couple of Hell Ride+ cards to ensure that they appear in your hand more frequently.

The goal is to build up enough Heroism, while repositioning/knocking back mobs go that they form a straight line. From there, just move Ghost Rider and Hell Ride them to oblivion. Just remember that it discards everything in your hand, so make sure you don’t need the remaining powers and that you’re not planning on doing additional setups next turn.

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Magik: The Gathering

This one requires Magik with Gather+. Basically, you’ll want to hit as many enemies as possible (which should be easy given its large AoE). They’ll start dropping from the sky, taking damage and getting clustered together. From there, you could go with another AoE (i.e., Bladestorm, Supernova, Shield Bounce, etc.), a linear ability (i.e., Hell Ride, Photon Beam, or Shield Charge), or even an environment kill.

For added shenanigans, you can pair her with Ghost Rider. Her Portal can be redirected so that your knockbacks push damaged opponents straight into Ghost Rider’s Hellmouths. Lastly, Magik’s Reinforcement+ even lets you summon a fourth team member for a couple of turns.

Tanky Taunters

This can be one of the best team comps in Marvel’s Midnight Suns if you play your cards right, pun intended. It involves tank heroes like Captain Marvel, Captain America, and Wolverine, where you’ll use their taunts and follow up with counters.

For instance, Captain Marvel can Go Binary, then cast Bring It On+ to do an AoE taunt and gain the Counter perk. Captain America, meanwhile, can use Tactician+, followed by Dig In+, which causes enemies to aggro him instead of an ally, though he can counter their hits. Lastly, Wolverine has Eviscerate+, but he does need (a) Lifesteal from Berserk, (b) enough KOs to get the Counter perk (or have Nico’s RNG spell buff him with it), and (c) maybe some extra block value, too.

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Iron Man Mark III Enemies (Mark three enemies, get it? Okay, I’ll shut up)

This is somewhat more complex compared to the two above. You need Iron Man with Mark Target+. Redraw this card so it applies the Marked debuff on hostiles that are close to your target. Each Marked enemy that dies will also replenish the Card Play used, so you can keep playing your cards as you see fit.

For reference, Blade has something similar with The Hunger. The downside is that he has to proc Bleed by way of card traits or via his passive, before casting The Hunger. Only then will enemies with the Bleed debuff get Marked as well.

Witchfire Chain Gang

This setup mostly relies on characters that have a lot of Chain attacks. These include Spider-Man, as well as the aforementioned Wolverine, Iron Man (Surgical Strike+) and Blade. Try to whittle down the HP of your foes, making sure to avoid the minions/fodder.

Then, you’ll unleash Witchfire+ from Nico Minoru. It randomly blasts enemies, and it will get automatically recast up to three times as long as the spell KO’s someone. Then again, due to RNG, it might hit an elite mob and get wasted completely.

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Marvel’s Midnight Suns is available via Steam.

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