Rainbow Six Siege Stadium

We are well into the last season of Rainbow Six Siege‘s Year 4 of content. With the start of Year 5 on the horizon, Ubisoft has launched a trailer confirming recent leaks. These include confirmations of the upcoming Stadium map and the fact that Team Rainbow is headed to Greece.

The gorgeously animated CGI ‘The Program’ trailer provides our first official look at the Stadium map. A lower third graphic gives the additional detail that this new map will take place in Greece, confirming months-old speculation about the location. The Program trailer also shows everyone’s favorite ragtag group of international GI Joes training for what will be their most important mission yet. Bloodsport?

All jokes aside, I really can’t understate how good this trailer looks and how much that contrasts with the way Siege looks in-game. Not that the game looks awful, but it’s starting to show its years. These in-universe trailers really make me pine for a graphical update to the game and a fully-fledged story mode to follow these characters. Ubisoft has done such a good job of flushing out Team Rainbow’s individual personalities, conflicts, and quirks that it seems like a waste to only have them fight to pretend death for the amusement of spectators. We may get a taste of that when Rainbow Six Quarantine launches sometime this year.

Oh no! They’re hot!

This trailer gives us our first and best look at each individual member’s current-day beautiful face. We also see their upcoming event uniforms: jerseys, each bearing their codename emblazoned on the back. If the leaks are to believed, these Stadium uniforms will be worn by default when playing this mode.

Keeping them forever, though, will likely become a nightmare of buying alpha packs. For reference, the recent Doktor’s Curse event’s cosmetics cost about $60 or 300,000 in-game renown. Considering how much money these cosmetics make Ubisoft, I don’t doubt that the pricing here will be similar.

The International versions

Different international versions of this same trailer seem to give out additional information. The UK version states that we will get five weekends of a ‘Road to Six Invitational 2020 event’. Similar events in the past have been used to test upcoming changes, such as the Pick and Ban system that is now standard in the Ranked multiplayer mode. The Italian version states that those five weekends will take place from January 15 to February 16. This should dovetail nicely with the end of Year 4.

The news comes hot off the heels of creative director Xavier Marquis and brand director Alexandre Remy announcing their intentions to leave the Rainbow Six team, along with “a few other members,” to work on new projects. In any case, we won’t have to wait long to see how this plays in-game. Rainbow Six Siege‘s new content should begin tomorrow, January 15, and run through mid-February.

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A PC gamer ever since he first laid eyes on Civilization II. World's worst Rainbow Six Siege player. Ametuer Professional Scientist. Ranker of all things.

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