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December 4, 2014

LucasArts vet heading up Hangar 13, 2K’s new studio

2K Games have announced the formation of a new studio – Hangar 13 – under the watchful eye of former LucasArts/Star Wars chap Haden Blackman. Hangar 13 are currently working on “an unannounced next-generation title”,…

November 27, 2014

The Witcher Adventure Game starts hunting monsters today

The Witcher Adventure Game has just hit the interwebs, and the general consensus is that it’s pretty okay. It’s a board-game (available both in actual, physical board-game form, and digital computer-y form) which lets you…

November 23, 2014

Steam Autumn Sale starts 26 November

Here we go again! Time to open up those wallets as another Steam Autumn Sale is about to start. With the holiday season getting underway in the US, the Steam autumn sale, or “monstrous gaming…

November 20, 2014

Hearts of Iron IV talks tanks in teaching trailer

Hearts of Iron IV talks tanks in teaching trailer

Paradox have enjoyed a nice visit to the Swedish “Arsenalen” museum of military vehicles, where they’ve filmed this new Hearts of Iron IV promotional trailer. In it, museum curator Christer Holm talks about some of…

November 11, 2014

Chris Roberts talks Star Citizen and textures with AMD

Chris Roberts talks Star Citizen and textures with AMD

Cloud Imperium want to push the boundaries with textures as Chris Roberts explains. AMD‘s R9 290X now comes with with 8GB GDDR5 and they recently pinned down Chris Roberts to find out how Star Citizen…

November 4, 2014

Banished 1.0.4 update officially supports mods

The latest update to the the medieval city builder Banished opens up the Steam Workshop to all. Banished is a nifty city builder, and since its release, Shining Rock has been focusing on bug fixes…

October 18, 2014

IncGamers Poll: The quality of recent PC ports

Several of the recent PC cross-platform ports have left a lot to be desired, but are they indicative of a broader slide in quality? That’s the question we’re asking this week at IncGamers. We want…

October 4, 2014

Sims 4 distributes free It’s On Us t-shirts

EA and Maxis are deploying the social power of The Sims (specifically The Sims 4) as part of the It’s On Us “awareness and action” campaign against sexual assault. Much like bagpipe music* and the…

October 2, 2014

Uber returns to RTS crowdfunding with Human Resources

Uber Entertainment has today launched a new multiplayer RTS Kickstarter campaign for a title called Human Resources. It’s not about the struggle to provide a bureaucratic organisation with a comprehensive paper trail to get yourself…