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Dirt Rally Review

Codemasters’ Dirt Rally has left the Early Access garage, so Matt takes it out on the PC Invasion Review Course.

By: Matt Simpson

DiRT Rally First Impressions

DiRT is a series popular with hardcore rally enthusiasts and a more casual audience. With DiRT Rally, Codemasters have taken things back to basics.

By: Matt Simpson

DiRT Rally revs its engines on Early Access

Codemasters has announced that DiRT Rally is now on Steam Early Access. I didn’t actually know that DiRT Rally was even a thing, but apparently it is, and you can play it right now! DiRT…

By: Tim McDonald

Overlord: Fellowship of Evil announced with two trailers

Following on from yesterday’s tease, Codemasters have properly announced Overlord: Fellowship of Evil. Overlord: Fellowship of Evil isn’t exactly your standard Overlord game, focusing less on one monstrous Overlord dominating the land through a very…

By: Tim McDonald

F1 2015 hitting the starting line in June

Codemasters have announced that F1 2015 will be revving its engines in June, courtesy of Bandai Namco Games. This version of the popular Formula One racing series will offer a number of leaps forward in…

By: Tim McDonald

Hockenheimring returns to F1 2014 with Hot Lap video

There’s a video of the Hockenheimring’s F1 2014 rendition, and I’m desperately trying not to make a terrible innuendo-based pun about “hot lap”. I know nothing about F1 2014, Formula One in general, or the…

By: Tim McDonald

Colin McRae Rally shows up on Steam

Here’s an interesting release; a version of Colin McRae Rally has just appeared on Steam. It has the usual complement of modern day Steam trimmings, including achievements and trading cards, but the question is this:…

By: Peter Parrish

Grid Autosport mod removes cockpit cam blur

One of the more disappointing aspects of Grid Autosport is the low quality of the returning cockpit cam view. The car interiors are low quality and everything on the dashboard is covered in an eye-bothering…

By: Peter Parrish

Grid Autosport Review

Confession time: I thought Grid 2 was alright. That’s not really an admission on the level of “I killed a guy back in ‘73” or anything, but some people really didn’t enjoy that game and…

By: Peter Parrish

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