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Skyhill Review

Apparently, Tim can’t even book himself a penthouse suite in the prestigious Skyhill hotel without a monster-strewn roguelike erupting.

By: Tim McDonald

Blackguards wants to sell you Untold Legends

Daedalic Entertainment have announced Untold Legends, a DLC pack for recently-released turn-based tactical RPG Blackguards. Blackguards: Untold Legends focuses on Takate, a character who joins your party in Chapter 2 of the base game. Takate…

By: Tim McDonald

Blackguards tutorial videos explain the rules of The Dark Eye

Blackguards, Daedalic’s forthcoming turn-based tactical RPG, employs the rules of The Dark Eye pen-and-paper RPG to make its digital cogs turn. Naturally, pen-and-paper RPGs are complicated and terrifying. Good thing Daedalic are releasing a series…

By: Tim McDonald

Daedalic announces Silence: The Whispered World 2

I have absolutely no idea what relation this game bears to its predecessor, but Daedalic Entertainment have announced Silence: The Whispered World 2. If you recall, The Whispered World focused on a clown called Sadwick…

By: Tim McDonald

Blackguards hits Steam Early Access

Daedalic Entertainment’s turn-based tactical RPG based on The Dark Eye universe, Blackguards, has hit Steam Early Access. Blackguards casts you as the leader of a band of misfits and criminals… who may be the only…

By: Tim McDonald

Blackguards heading to Steam Early Access

Daedalic Entertainment have announced that Blackguards, their forthcoming turn-based RPG, will be invading the world via Steam Early Access. It’s a fairly novel model. Daedalic apparently want the community to be able to influence development,…

By: Tim McDonald