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Telltale Games and Marvel form new partnership

Some folks can never have enough Marvel, so they may be pleased to learn that Telltale Games has announced it will join forces with the comic book creators. Revealed at a special event in San…

By: Paul Younger

Game of Thrones Episode One arrives 2 December

Practice your political posturing over the weekend, because Telltale’s Game of Thrones will be arriving on PC on 2 December. Since Tim’s review has pointed out that Tales from the Borderlands is Telltale re-exploring their…

By: Peter Parrish

Tales from the Borderlands trailer chats with Gearbox

There’s always something a bit weird about these promotional videos where the company involved with making the game interviews itself, but I suppose this is technically Telltale talking to Gearbox. Both companies are collaborating on…

By: Peter Parrish

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