Hogwarts Legacy Jackdaw's Rest Guide
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Jackdaw’s Rest is a main quest in Hogwarts Legacy. In it, you’ll aid a bunch of spooky specters that seem to know a thing or two about the lost pages. Here’s our Hogwarts Legacy Jackdaw’s Rest guide to help you with this main quest, as well as the mini-puzzles and encounters in the dungeon.

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Hogwarts Legacy Jackdaw’s Rest main quest guide

The Jackdaw’s Rest quest in Hogwarts Legacy is unlocked around your third day as a student (i.e., sort of like a full cycle of main quest completions). This occurs right after the Secrets of the Restricted Section, and several tasks such as attending your first Herbology and Potions classes.

When it’s nighttime, you’ll learn about the next steps. However, these are dependent on your chosen House at the start of the game. For instance, Gryffindor players are told that Nearly Headless Nick wants your help for a quest called The Hunt for the Missing Pages. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Enter the kitchens and pick up the Rotten Roast Beef for Nearly Headless Nick.
  • He introduces you to the ghosts haunting Hogsmeade Cemetery. They’re playing a game where you have to chase down a spirit. The idea here is to blast the pumpkins with your basic attack and, if you spot the ghost, follow it until it disappears. Hit the pumpkins in that area until it pops up once more.
  • After catching the ghost five times, Jackdaw introduces himself. He’ll ask you to follow him to the Forbidden Forest, so make sure you’re tracking the quest.
  • You’ll find a treasure map in the cemetery. It starts a sidequest called Ghost of Our Love.

Related: Those who were placed in Ravenclaw will have to complete Ollivander’s Heirloom quest instead.

Anyway, Jackdaw will stay behind next to a fast travel point, so you’ll have to go at it alone. You’ll reach the entrance to Jackdaw’s Rest in Hogwarts Legacy, whereupon you’ll get attacked by goblins. Take them out and enter the dungeon proper. Here’s the gist:

  • The Jackdaw’s Rest dungeon in Hogwarts Legacy is filled with nasty spiders, and their cobwebs will sometimes block paths. Thankfully, your fire spell Incendio will burn them to a crisp.
  • On a couple of occasions, you’ll stumble upon movable platforms. You can stand on top of one, then use the Accio spell. This lets you pull the platform toward opposite ledges, which usually have chests with random gear as loot.

The caverns also have a fairly easy-to-solve puzzle involving clock dials. Basically, each of these sections have three dials with hands that move at different speeds. The goal is to hit those that move slower, and then shooting the fastest one last so that they all align at the same pace. Here are the solutions:

  • First section: Right -> Middle -> Left.
  • Second section: Right -> Left -> Middle.
  • Third section: Left -> Right -> Middle.

After you clear the third set of dials, the bridge will be fully formed. You’ll be able to enter a mysterious chamber. Inside, you’ll see Jackdaw’s remains. Interact with it and the Pensieve Knights will awaken. Use your combat spells and Ancient Magic when possible to eliminate them. Once you’ve beaten the rabble, you’ll face Pensieve Protectors. The difference between these dudes and the other knight armors is that all their attacks are unblockable, so you really need to dodge.

Once you’re done with the encounter, you’ll enter the last chamber. There, you’ll have a chat with Percival Rackham who tells you more about Ancient Magic. Upon leaving this area, you’ll realize that you’re back at Hogwarts, and that you’ve enabled the Map Chamber fast travel point.

The conclusion of the Jackdaw’s Rest quest in Hogwarts Legacy also unlocks the talents/perks system. Moreover, you’ll be able to do a lot of activities after this, including broom flying lessons, unlocking the Room of Requirement, gaining a method to identify items, and learning several spells, such as Confringo, Diffindo, and Wingardium Leviosa.

Hogwarts Legacy is available via Steam.

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