Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Hero Combo Cards — How to get and use

Marvel's Midnight Suns Hero Combo Cards
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There are so many cards in Marvel’s Midnight Suns. A majority of these are actions done by specific heroes. However, a select few are flashy team-ups. Here’s our Marvel’s Midnight Suns guide to help you get and use Hero Combo Cards.

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Marvel’s Midnight Suns guide – How to get and use Hero Combo Cards

Unlike most other cards that you can craft/upgrade and apply mods to, the Hero Combo Cards in Marvel’s Midnight Suns are tied to a completely different mechanic: Friendship Levels. As such, the goal is to increase your teammate’s Friendship Level by one, whereupon there’s a chance that their a Hero Combo Card could appear in your hand during battle.

Early on, this will only apply to the Hunter and that particular teammate. Later, though, you’ll also increase your Team Friendship Level, basically the cumulative rank-ups of your bonds with each individual character. From that point onward, you’ll likely see Hero Combo Cards even when the Hunter is not in the squad. Moreover, Friendship and Team Friendship ranks tend to improve the damage of these abilities.

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What do Hero Combo Cards do and what are the best cards to use

Hero Combo Cards in Marvel’s Midnight Suns cost Heroism to use (usually four points). This type of ability lets you target a single enemy, whereupon the two heroes (represented by their icons/symbols), will blast and smash that foe. This deals a lot of damage, which makes it perfect for elites like shielded Hydra or Lilin opponents, as well as bosses. Once used, it’s exhausted, which means it won’t reappear in your hand for the duration of the battle.

Unfortunately, because this is a single-target skill, and without the benefit of Quick or other boosts, it’s not something you’d use as soon as it pops up in your hand. Instead, you can think of other cards that can offer utility benefits:

  • Hunter – Inspire+ can lower its Heroism cost to zero. This can be applied to any Heroic card in your hand, so either you get lucky or it’s the only one of its kind currently. Call to Arms+, meanwhile, can double your Heroism gains from Attack/Skill Cards, allowing you to play it earlier if you want. One more thing of note is Holy Gift+, which removes the Exhausted trait for the next hero card that you play.
  • Iron Man – Mark Target+ will debuff an opponent, and other hostiles near it if redrawn. When KO’d, you’d refresh your Card Play. This can be a good option if the Hero Combo Card will kill the elite/boss. Moreover, New Plan+ doubles your current Heroism, and it draws a random Heroic Card, too. Lastly, the Hero Combo Card also counts as an Iron Man card if he’s one-half of the duo, so it adds to the number of Surgical Strike chains.
  • Nico Minoru – Curse+ can apply Marked, but this effect is randomized when the card is drawn. As such, Iron Man’s ability is better.
  • Captain America – Tactician+, SPANG+, and Brooklyn Handshake+ have effects that draw two cards, so the Hero Combo Card could pop up faster.
  • Doctor Strange – Blessing of the Vishanti+ grants increased damage for your hero cards.
  • Captain Marvel – At best, casting a Hero Combo Card where she’s one-half of the duo will also count toward the tally requirement for Go Binary.

Note: Lastly, try to check out the Sparring function in the Yard. There’s a chance that combos can also be buffed, which means you’ll want to bring your sparring partner on your next mission.

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Marvel’s Midnight Suns is available via Steam.

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