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Ubisoft Gamescom line-up to include unannounced PC titles

Ubisoft Gamescom line-up to include unannounced PC titles

Lurking after all the Assassin’s Creeds in Ubisoft’s Gamescom press release is a reference to “unannounced titles for PC”. Whatever those unannounced titles are, we’ll apparently be seeing footage of them during Gamescom for the…

By: Peter Parrish

Wargaming dancers keep the Gamescom crowds engaged

How do you stand out at Gamescom?  It’s mass of over excited gamers standing in queues waiting to get some hands-on time with their favourite games while battling with each other for free t-shirts. Wargaming…

By: Paul Younger

Star Wars: The Old Republic at Gamescom

With the recent news that SWTOR is going free to play later this year, anyone going to Gamescom will be keen to find out what EA has planned for the title.  At gamescom there will…

By: Paul Younger

Witcher 2 modding tool at Gamescom

CD Projekt Red will be heading to Gamescom next week, where (amongst other things) they will be revealing the REDkit. This is a tool for modders to create new adventures in the Witcher universe, so…

By: Paul Younger

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