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Torchlight 2 demo now available

If you fancy seeing for yourself what Tim was so satisfied with in his review of Torchlight 2, a demo of the game is now available in locations across the digital internet wasteland. One such…

By: Peter Parrish

Borderlands 2 or Torchlight 2? Or both…

This week is a bit of a stormer for good games. That means a potential strain on the wallet, or a very tough choice. Our review of  ARPG Torchlight 2 has just gone live today, with Tim…

By: IncGamers Staff

Torchlight 2 Review

We’d better get one thing out in the open before going any further with this review: I liked Diablo 3. I liked the streamlining, the slickness, the polish, the skill synergies; I liked the way…

By: Tim McDonald