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Humble Bundle has several games as part of the selections this month. The May 2021 Humble Choice includes Metro Exodus, Hellpoint, Darksiders, Relicta, Cook, Serve, Delicious 3, and others.

As usual, Classic and Premium subscribers can grab all the games in May 2021’s Humble Choice. Other types of plans, meanwhile, have a limit as to the number of games that can be obtained.


May 2021 Humble Choice: Metro Exodus, Darksiders Genesis, Hellpoint, and more

Metro Exodus is perhaps the biggest game in the May 2021 Humble Choice catalog. The latest offering in the post-apocalyptic FPS/survival horror series was met with controversy in 2019 when it was announced as an Epic Games Store exclusive. However, it did release a year later on Steam.

There’s a bit of good news for subscribers who do pick this up now since they’re also entitled to receive Metro Exodus: Enhanced Edition (the free upgrade is included with the key and you’re prompted upon installation). This particular upgrade is touted as made solely with ray tracing in mind, hence it’s for beefier rigs. You can check out Steven Wong’s review of the original version here. Likewise, there’s a technical review of the enhanced version here.

Darksiders Genesis, meanwhile, is the fourth game in the franchise. Often touted as a spinoff, it eschewed past gameplay systems in favor of an ARPG-esque approach complete with an isometric camera. Players can even try out co-op action as both War and Strife. You can take a look at our review of Darksiders Genesis here.

Humble Bundle Humble Choice May 2021 Metro Exodus Darksiders Genesis Hellpoint

As for Hellpoint, think of it as an indie Soulslike mixed with Event Horizon. Your character is stuck inside a gigantic space station that’s orbiting a black hole that happens to spawn demonic monstrosities. Although the game had its fair share of secrets, I personally found the controls and platforming mechanics cumbersome. Worse, there were several bugs and odd instances that affected my experience at the time. Still, it seems to have gotten better thanks to a few patches. You can read my review of Hellpoint here. Likewise, if Hellpoint is one of your picks for the May 2021 Humble Choice, don’t forget to visit our guides and features hub.

In any case, another offering this month is Relicta, a puzzle game where you manipulate boxes using magnetic gloves. You can check out Andrew Farrell’s review here. There’s also Cook, Serve, Delicious 3 where you get to, uh, cook more meals. You can read Stefan Bahruth’s review here.

Other titles that are part of the May 2021 Humble Choice include Levelhead, Fury Unleashed, Morkredd, Retimed, Vane, Size Matters, and Family Man. If you’re eager to pick up these offerings, you can visit the Humble Bundle website.

Humble Bundle Humble Choice May 2021 Metro Exodus Darksiders Genesis Hellpoint 2

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