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Act of Aggression video looks at the US Army

Act of Aggression video looks at the US Army

A new video for forthcoming RTS Act of Aggression takes a detailed look at the game’s US Army faction. I don’t think we’ve mentioned Act of Aggression much before, which is a bit sad, because…

By: Tim McDonald

Wargame: Red Dragon beta opens with pre-orders

Eugen Systems’ latest real-time war game, Wargame: Red Dragon, is available for pre-order – and you’ll get free access to the newly-opened multiplayer beta if you opt to put your money down now. Wargame: Red…

By: Tim McDonald

Wargame devs working on Act of Aggression

Eugen Systems, creators of the Wargame series (European Escalation, AirLand Battle and the upcoming Red Dragon) are also working on a title called Act of Aggression for publishers Focus Home Interactive. The game will be…

By: Peter Parrish

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