Final Fantasy Xiv endwalker everything to know

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker is out now, everyone. After a few days of early access for those who pre-ordered, everybody can get in on attempting to stop the Final Days, and bring to a close the 10-year story arc that began in Final Fantasy XIV 1.0.

But you might need some help doing that. No shame: we’ve all been faced with a Trial mechanic we can’t quite grasp, or some nervousness before tanking a dungeon for a first time. Or maybe you’re reading this a few months on and just need a reminder of how a dungeon works. That’s what this Endwalker guide hub is for. If you’re looking for more general information on Endwalker, then our post on everything you need to know is likely to be more helpful.


This is a collection of all the guides we’ve written for the dungeons and Trials in Endwalker, and will be updated as we add more. When the Pandaemonium raid pops up, we’ll likely write about that too. In short: we’ve got you covered.

A quick note: I’m going to avoid spoilers on this page as much as possible. Dungeon names are marked as they are in the game. Trials (which are inevitably spoileriffic) will be given their Trial name, rather than the name of the boss. Everything will be displayed in the order it appears in the game, so you can scroll down carefully. And finally, if we get to a point where dungeon or Trial names are massive spoilers in themselves (as with the final Shadowbringers dungeon) then there’ll be a big fat spoiler warning before it. Look for the big “SHOW’S OVER” image from Persona 5 Strikers, and then scroll very, very carefully to avoid spoilers.


Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker guides

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker guides

Level 81 dungeon: The Tower of Zot

Level 83 dungeon: The Tower of Babil

Level 83 Trial: The Dark Inside

Level 85 dungeon: Vanaspati


Persona 5 Strikers Show's Over

This is Persona 5, but, well… Spoilers ahead.

Level 87 dungeon: Ktisis Hyperboreia

Level 89 dungeon: The Aitiascope

Level 90 Trial: The Mothercrystal

Level 90 dungeon: The Dead Ends

Level 90 Trial: The Final Day

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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker — Vanaspati guide

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