Total War: Three Kingdoms has finally arrived, and it’s now time to explore and expand in China. The Han Dynasty is crumbling, and warlords and bandits are all clamoring for the throne. We’ve compiled all of our features related to Total War: Three Kingdoms in this handy little hub.

    Total War Three Kingdoms Guides Hub

    Official Review – Our official review takes note of changes to diplomacy, aesthetics and visuals, character and relationship-building, and capturing the theme of the time period and the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel. These are major hooks for any long-time fan of the franchise or the setting.

    Technical Review – Our technical review goes in-depth with benchmark results, graphics comparisons, graphics settings, and a whole slew of options for you to choose from.

    Beginner’s Guide or What’s new in Total War: Three Kingdoms? – Our beginner’s guide looks at the brand new mechanics and systems in the game, including factors that will affect your playthrough. From administrators, the Wu Xing philosophy, diplomatic actions, espionage, and more, we’ve got you covered.

    Liu Bei: King of Shu-Han – This guide will help you guide Liu Bei and his sworn brothers, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, in their journey to unify China, restore the Han, and lead through VIRTUE and BENEVOLENCE! Yes, the caps are indeed necessary.

    Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu: The Tyrant and his Son – This guide lets you know how to unlock Dong Zhuo, and how to progress further in his campaign. Thankfully, you’ve got the mighty Lu Bu by your side. Unfortunately, you’ve also got the mighty Lu Bu by your side. Spoiler: Love hurts.

    Ma Teng: Protector of the West – Our Ma Teng guide is dedicated to Robbie, a Total War and Romance of the Three Kingdoms fan who passed away recently. This guide will tell you how to make the most out of Ma Teng, the horse lord of the west, and Robbie’s favorite faction leader.

    Cao Cao: Hero of Chaos – Our Cao Cao guide is all about the conniving and scheming official who would later ascend as one of the most powerful men in China. Cao Cao uses credibility and proxy wars to pit warlords against each other, all while he builds his power base and the eventual kingdom of Cao-Wei.

    Sun Jian: Easy Mode in the Southlands – Our Sun Jian guide is all about expanding to the lightly defended provinces of China. His campaign is, perhaps, the easiest one in the game, and a good way for newcomers to check out the content and features.

    Reign of Blood DLC – One of our shorter features taking a look at the new “blood pack” or “blood DLC.”

    Total War: Three Kingdoms – Eight Princes Review – Our official review of the first chapter pack for Total War: Three Kingdoms.

    Sima Ai: The Reformer – One of the eight princes of the Jin Dynasty, Sima Ai, has it very easy in the Southlands, just like Sun Jian before him.

    We’ll have more Total War: Three Kingdoms guides and features down the road. Don’t forget to check back from time to time. You can purchase the game via its Steam store page. It will be available later today, May 23.

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