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PC Invasion Podcast #18

This week: News Bites introduced, Gary Oldman saves Star Citizen (maybe), Star Wars: Battlefront, voice actors may strike, and more.

By: Peter Parrish

Prison Architect Alpha 30 ends starvation

Sad news, everyone: this Prison Architect alpha update is a bit TRAITOROUS. Roughly the first half of the update is devoted almost entirely to the progress of the tablet version of Prison Architect, which doesn’t…

By: Tim McDonald

Prison Architect Alpha 29 out, full version this year

Prison Architect Alpha 29 has been released for good behaviour, alongside news that the game will be “finished” in 2015. Yes, that’s right – finished! Out of Early Access! Done! Version 1.0! Blimey. While Introversion…

By: Tim McDonald

Prison Architect Alpha 27 fixes kitchens, again

Introversion were so sure they’d fixed Prison Architect‘s kitchens/food issues back in Alpha 26. Well, now they’re sure they’ve fixed it again in Alpha 27. Apparently, some players realised that “food magically teleports from kitchens…

By: Tim McDonald

Prison Architect alpha 26 is a bug bash

Prison Architect‘s alpha 26 has been released, and it’s all about bugs. Unfortunately, that’s not bugs in terms of insects infesting your prison if it’s unclean, or something. These are bugs in the sense of…

By: Tim McDonald

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