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Destiny 2 has new rewards for all the Guardians out there. These come from Destiny 2’s new Moments of Triumph for the Forsaken expansion. These have been outlined in the recent “This Week at Bungie” post which also coincided with Bungie Day. The biggest reward for those who complete all the Moments of Triumph is the new MMXIX title or seal. This’ll show that commendation underneath your character’s name, perfect when you want to make all the other Destiny 2 Guardians jealous.

Mmxix Title Seal

Destiny 2: Moments of Triumph

There are 24 triumphs to complete. You might’ve completed most of them since these are based on your progress in Destiny 2 all throughout Forsaken. The rest are not retroactive and must be done from today until August 27, 2019.

Open your menu and check out the seals in the Triumphs page and you’ll find them all as part of the “Moments of Triumph: MMXIX” seal. We added a few tips and links to previous guides as well.

  • Mission: Nothing Left to Say – The final mission in Forsaken’s story campaign
  • Forges Afield (not retroactive) – Complete 10 weapon frames from Black Armory forges. Try to do Bergusia Forge since all weapon frames can be completed there.
  • Prime Fashion (not retroactive) – Win a Gambit Prime match wearing a full set of Notorious armor.
  • Bedazzled – Fully upgrade The Menagerie’s Chalice of Opulence.
  • Exotic Arsenal – Obtain the Whisper of the Worm, Truth, and Bad Juju exotics. The third one was just added today so go ahead and get some bad juju for your troubles.
  • The Vault – Amass gear for your Collections tab. It’s as easy as doing activities and runs, and getting more unique gear as you progress in Destiny 2.
  • Gun For Hire (not retroactive) – Complete 50 bounties.
  • For the Vanguard (not retroactive) – Complete 25 strikes.
  • Challenger (not retroactive) – Complete 10 challenges. These are basically anything on the Director that has a glowing symbol which provides powerful gear.
  • Legendary Valor – Reach “Legend” in the Crucible. If you haven’t reached Legend yet, join your friends or LFG players to run with a full stack. Play during weeks when Destiny 2 has double valor events.
  • Mythic – Reach the “Mythic” rank in Gambit.
  • Vanguard Pinnacle Arsenal – Obtain any Vanguard Pinnacle Weapon. This means the Loaded Question, Oxygen SR-3, or Wendigo.
  • Crucible Pinnacle Arsenal – Obtain the Mountaintop, the Recluse, or the Revoker. The Recluse is fairly easy to get (“Fabled” Glory rank in competitive). The Revoker might take a while since you need sniper kills, but you’re only required to amass a total of 3,500 Glory and losses in Destiny 2’s competitive playlist won’t deduct from your progress.
  • Gambit Pinnacle Arsenal – For this one, it’s the Breakneck, 21% Delirium, or Hush.
  • Never Again – Complete the Shattered Throne dungeon.
  • O Murderer Mine – Complete the Last Wish raid.
  • Valiant Savior – Complete the Scourge of the Past raid.
  • In the Shadow of the Kingdom of Sorrow – Complete the Crown of Sorrow raid.

Destiny 2 Season Of Opulence Year 2 Moments Of Triumph Solstice Of Heroes Event Rewards Mmxix Title Seal

MMXIX, Shirts, and Sparrows

Wait a minute! Those are only 18 Moments of Triumph! Don’t worry. That’s because four more will be automatically obtained as you complete more of these requirements. These Moments of Triumph are:

  • Emblem – Moments of Triumph 2019 (legendary)
  • Sparrow – Lightning Rider (legendary)
  • Ship – Solstice Hymnal (legendary)
  • Bungie Rewards: Triumph Shirt – The Triumph Shirt, as you’ll see below, can be obtained once you complete that requirement. You’ll be given a code which you can redeem via Bungie’s rewards page.

The final two seem to be hidden for now, and only 22 out of 24 could be completed. These might be related to additional triumphs that would be added during the Solstice of Heroes event which starts on June 30. Anyway, once the remaining two have been revealed and you’ve obtained all triumphs, you will finally have the MMXIX title.

Destiny 2 Season Of Opulence Year 2 Moments Of Triumph Solstice Of Heroes Event Shirt

You’ll only have until August 27, 2019, to complete your Moments of Triumph and to obtain the MMXIX title. Feel free to check out all the links we’ve provided to our previous guides for those activities. You can also take a look at our Destiny 2 Season of Opulence guides and features hub right over here.

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