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World of Darkness MMO axed by CCP Games

World of Darkness MMO axed by CCP Games

The perennially ailing World of Darkness MMO, in development since at least 2009, has been cancelled by CCP Games. Signs haven’t looked great for the game as far back as October 2011, when large portions…

By: Peter Parrish

CCP reveals VR dogfighter EVE: Valkyrie

CCP Games have released a reveal trailer for EVE: Valkyrie, a “multiplayer spaceship dogfighting shooter” that makes use of virtual reality tech and is set in the EVE universe. This is the game formerly known…

By: Tim McDonald

Eve Online promises Retribution in December

CCP Games has announced that Eve Online will expand once again on 4 December, with the Retribution update (the 18th free expansion for this long-running space sim MMO). According to the hype blurb, this update…

By: Peter Parrish