Juju is Flying Wild Hog’s next game

As the team behind the recent Shadow Warrior remake, you may have expected Flying Wild Hog’s next title to be another ultra-violent melee title. That would just go to show how easily minds can be blown and expectations confounded in this industry, because their next game, Juju, is actually about an adorable pink panda. Described … Read moreJuju is Flying Wild Hog’s next game

Shadow Warrior Review

Shadow Warrior is a gleefully silly game that delights in both its own whimsical irreverence, and in the utter bloody carnage it displays every five seconds. That, really, is all you need to know. Scamper off now. Details? Pah, fine. I confess to some worry about this Shadow Warrior reboot. I didn’t love Hard Reset … Read moreShadow Warrior Review

Their Wang’s Out: Shadow Warrior launch trailer appears

Sadly, we’ve nearly reached the point at which I’m going to have to stop making continual Wang jokes. The reason for this is that Shadow Warrior – Devolver Digital and Flying Wild Hog’s reboot/remake/update/whatever of the generally unpleasant 90s shooter – has now been released. As proof, there’s a launch trailer and everything. As Shadow Warrior … Read moreTheir Wang’s Out: Shadow Warrior launch trailer appears

Latest Shadow Warrior vid displays “wangtastic features”

We’ve been covering Wang as much as we can, because we’re looking forward to Shadow Warrior. Happy day, then! Devolver Digital have released a new Shadow Warrior trailer listing all of the game’s most impressive features. Bizarrely, Wang isn’t shown off. It’s perhaps not the most serious of trailers, bearing in mind that “fully destructible … Read moreLatest Shadow Warrior vid displays “wangtastic features”